Saturday, March 3, 2007

Credit Cards- Benefits & Resources

There are some people who don't like to use credit cards, in their financial transactions, due to some reasons they have. These people simply are missing out on several benefits credit cards offer. Not having to carry around loads of cash, everytime you want to shop, is just one of these positive features that you get, when using credit cards. Other benefits include: not having to miss out on opportunities where you just want to purchase something, at the time you see/find it.

There are a lot of deals out there, but you always have to compare credit cards. There are also alot of sites that offer credit cards services and deals. A site I was impressed by is Creditcardstore. This is a site that is well furnished and has a nice interface/design, with easy navigation. Links to special introductory offer period deals and lots of benefits including cash back and valuable credit card reward schemes, are all included. When a new credit card company offers a better deal, balance transfers come in handy. Also about balance transfers and deals on introductory periods, it is stated in their site: "These may include 0% balance transfers of between 5 to 9 months". Not bad, eh?

Also who wouldn't like some cash-back too, from their purchases? I personally like to take advantage out of the ongoing war between the big credit cards companies, that result in some nice *competant* offers like the cash-backs and other offers.

Enjoy browsing through some of the best credit cards' deals.

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elisa said...

I do not understand such people. I enjoy using credit cards in any way because they are convenient for purchasing, traveling, etc. Banks offes different rewards programs. Only select and use benefits. As for me I use airline credit cards and have already earned bonus miles. So pleasant!