Monday, February 12, 2007

The Z-List... Free Linking & Traffic... Pass It Out!

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The Z-List… Free Linking & Traffic… Pass It Out!

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gen said...

Hi ertet,

Could you please add my blog to your list? Its (Choice - At your Fingertips).

Thank you.

MrBrownThumb said...

I've seen his posts on these but I don't quite get how people will get more exposure. What's the guarantee that people who are added to the list will bother doing the same with others?

.... said...


Nice blog you got there... I'll add yours... will you add mine?


There is no guarantee that the people will do the same, but apparently, till this date, alot bothered. The Z-List boosted several blogs' linkbacks within few days. Bloggers have reported back their success from checking their link backs from sites like technorati.


Richblogger said...

Hi there can you please check my blog out and if you like it can we exchange likns

.... said...

Hi richblogger,

Blogrolled you ;) ... Blogroll me too:

Name: Mystic-Pandemonium