Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Conquer Google Adwords

Then the difficult majority of aspect of marketing a new product or a Web site must find enough people who are interested by him so that they are ready to buy. The control of Google AdWords will enable you to lead the traffic to your Web site and to start to make sales immediately. You can create a campaign of Google AdWord in a few minutes and make sales within 24 hour. Advantages of controlling Google AdWords

1. Products of test - with Google AdWords you can quickly examine a product to determine if there is a request for it. If you produce of many clicks, this can mean that you have a product of profit.

2. Produce wire of sales - use Google AdWords to produce wire by offering something so that free their email address obtains. After this, create a series of autoresponder to draw up a relationship with the person. By this long-term report/ratio you can continuously present new products at them.

3. Sell your own products - this can produce great benefit because you should not deal with no average man who tends to reduce your total benefit.

4. Sell the products of others by programs of subsidiary company - you become the person of sales for a large company. The company provides a product of quality which is in a raised request, with a professional page of Web site and sales. You direct simply visitors towards this site and gather commissions in each sale which you make.

Here some ends to obtain to you started:

1. Make the wide search for key word initially - employ Wordtracker to find the best key words which adapt the product than you wish to be sold. Make a list at least of 50-100 key words or expressions of key word. Create the different ADS based on your key words more concerned. Not all the key words will be necessarily advantageous, however you can employ them later by developing the contents for your Web pages.

2. Create several ADS in a group of advertisement - a group of advertisement is composed of a group of ADS which you create for the key words you sought. Choose your key word more concerned or the expression of key word create at least 2 different ADS then thus you can see which advertisement produces the highest click by the rate. The click by rate (CTR) is the report/ratio of the number of times where a person clicks on your advertisement based on the number of times it is looked at. For example if 100 people see that your advertisement and only one person click on your advertisement to take with your Web site, then the CTR for this advertisement is 1/100, 1%.

3. Do not place too much of key words in a group of advertisement - if your expression of key word is "the red carriages" then create a group of advertisement of 2 ADS containing this expression. If your expression of key word is "the blue carriages" then create another group of advertisement with 2 ADS containing this expression. All your key words must be similar.

4. Write an attractive advertisement - you have a space very limited to write your advertisement thus you must carry out each word count if you want that your visitors click through in your page of Web site or landing. Start with a clear title, followed advantage, addresses sequence of device then.

5. Employ the strong verbs in your advertisement - strong verbs bind directly to the five directions -- contact, sight, odor, noise, and taste -- and with the familiar emotions. They are short and personal: "run," "combat," "love," "word." The weak verbs seem abstract and impersonal. They tend to being long words: "use," "give to later," "construction." Here a comparison of the weak and strong verbs:

The weak verbs
modify the desire of effort
The strong verbs
indicate, word to cut the test of change of exposure want the time next you visit the glance of store of grocer to some of the titles of the cosmopolitan magazine of IE of popular stores. They spend of the million dollars scanning for the words which will attract readers. By employing strong verbs in your ADS your visitor will be more tilted to act.

6. Write the ADS which has the rate/rhythm - ADS which have a nice flow of flow to them of the people of effect in a better manner than those which not IE "the simple defense of art of the self-portrait"

7. Place a daily budget - Google will recommend a specific quantity to spend for each click. Do not go hand in hand with their recommendation because they probably have their own interest of art of the self-portrait for the spirit. Start with a smaller daily quantity than what is IE suggested 5 hundreds by click and keep an eye on your CTR. The ADS shown with the top of the page does not produce necessarily the most CTR. Drank for positions 6-8. Google will turn your ADS periodically thus each one of them obtains the equal exposure.

8. Check your advertisement regularly - when you initially race your advertisement, controls 3-4 on top times per day until you have at least 50 clicks.

9. Refine your ADS - throw these ADS which do not produce a click raised by the rate. Continue to publish these ADS which function or create the new ones in your same group of advertisement until you find one gaining. You can do this by employing various combinations of the key words or by testing various titles.

10. Detect your ADS - detect which product of ADS the majority of the clicks. The adtracker I recommend to you that the use is Adtrackz:


This software enables you to create a different URL for each advertisement and ways how much clicks you receive each day to place the advertisement.

You can also employ the traquor of Google which is included with your account of AdWrords, however it are not as powerful as adtrackz and have much less devices. When you created an advertisement of profit (high CTR) adjust the page of landing of your Web site until you convert the visitors into purchasers.

By controlling Google Adwords ADS, you can with confidence increase your selling campaign to include the other PPC announcing the opening of IE of companies, FindWhat and to also try to announce remotely.


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