Monday, March 3, 2008

Definition And Fundamentals Of Search Engines

Search engines are computer programs that are used to explore the Internet in search of Web pages. They do this by using "spiders", "crawlers" or "robots", which are used to search the most up to date information on any given search query. It may seem strange place to introduce you to the search engines, but I can assure you that this section is well placed. By giving you a few basics here will help you understand what I am saying in the following sections. Anyways…. Back to basics and an explanation of the search engines.

These spiders (such as those used by Google) are able to follow the links on Web pages that are located in specific keywords. When spiders are looking for a new web page, they copy all or parts of the text on the pages of the search engine into their database. Other spiders revisit these pages on a regular basis so that they can save changes or dead links. The waiting time varies greatly from one search engine to search engine. For this reason, your website should keep abreast.

The search engine will be hundreds of millions of Web pages in its database. To deliver relevant results, the search engine companies have developed algorithms that compute the ranking order of the search results requirement. The key word or phrase, the visitor enters the search form of the search engine will determine which Web sites are picked up by the request. The pages of the search engine to find the most relevant will be listed first. This will allow you to determine which will be listed on the search requests.

For example, if you search for "Beethoven" and the search engine is a principal on the page containing the phrase "Ludwig von Beethoven," it is assumed that this page is relevant to your needs. If, on the other hand, there is the phrase once, and he is buried in a long text, it will ignore it, because it assumes that it is not important. That's why so many Web sites using keywords individuals more than once in a particular article or a web page, because that's how the spiders pick them up and place them higher in search results.

What does this mean for you as a business person? Well… .. It means that before you can even consider affiliate marketing, you must first have a website. If you want your website to get attention, you have to rely on search engines first. Many potential affiliates will not associate with anyone they will naturally prefer a site that receives traffic. Knowing the search engines and how to appeal to them, you can get this traffic.