Friday, January 25, 2008

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing can refer to both marketing and business choice. By itself, marketing niche refers to the search for a general market segment for a particular service or product. It then develops a solution for the needs of this market segment, and to spread the word. Let us see an example with one of the largest companies in the world.

Toyota is a huge multinational enterprise. At first glance, it seems that Toyota emphasizes self-organization as a whole both from a marketing and production. This view is correct. Nonetheless, Toyota is excellent when it comes to niche marketing.

Toyota will look for niches where it can provide a product in need. Toyota was one of the first companies to realize there was a group of car buyers who would be very interested in cars environmentally friendly. To meet this need, he had the legendary Prius. The Prius is the first hybrid car mass production. Where others saw automakers Toyota take an enormous risk, Toyota has been seen as an opportunity to find a new niche and establish its brand in this niche. In marketing, it is often the first mark on the world stage, which takes the day.

Once Toyota has taken precedence, he pursued a marketing plan niche. She did not promoting the Prius in any medium. It focused on the media who watched, read or listened to by people concerned about the environment. For example, he strongly encouraged the car by environmental groups and their publications. Being the only game in town at that time, Toyota not only dominated the niche - it was the niche.

Niche marketing is reflected in both the Internet. In fact, your first sites should be focused on identifying niches and the delivery of products or services to reflect the need for such opportunities. One of the greatest mistakes made by new businesses on the Web is biting off more than they can chew. You will not compete with Amazon for book sales. On the other hand, you might be able to pound the ground in the Amazon in the market for rare books or in a specific niche, such as improving housing periodicals. The point is to try to focus both your site and marketing on a market segment that is not already dominated.

What is niche marketing? The best way to make a lot of money on or off the web.