Monday, January 21, 2008

Google Adsense's Death- Is It True?

Recent changes in the AdSense program has many website owners and online marketers seriously interested. Many have seen their incomes and Adsense profíts flatline ... Given their four or five digit monthly income Adsense disappear overnight. For many, Google Adsense bubble burst.

What happened?

First, Google makes a change in its program Adsense, leaving advertisers to choose between putting their ads in the search results or on content pages publishers Adsense. Search won and began to receive the highest bids. Found convert better than content ads.

Then, Google has cracked down on Junk Adsense sites, as they should. These sites are mainly composed of software generated again chopped search engine links and were totally boring. But Google has also cracked down on the press "pages" or "pages affilíate '- a lucrative source of income for many online marketing, mainly because these pages helped marketers build an opt-ín list or use the authorization based email.

The results of these changes has produced a collapse Adsense for many online marketing.

Some Internet marketers are speculating recent changes could even mean the death of Adsense. A marketing online, Scott Boulch free even published a report entitled "The Death of Adsense."

Many affilíate marketing will agree with Boulch on some of the points, especially the obvious fact that the use of Adsense on your Web content starts at the bottom level on the scale of online marketing. Instead of receiving pennies per clíck with Adsense, alerting traders and webmasters who have already discovered with the help of CPA (cost per action) and direct links affilíate, they can produce a lot more revenue from their webpages. Why eärn pennies per clíck when you can eärn $ 5, $ 10 or $ 100 for clíck OVER?

But the fine people are catching on Google ...

In the past, Google has made its own swing at a cost per share of the leadership with its referral system for the Firefox browser, and giving webmasters to register credít Adwords accounts and Adsense.

Many online marketing Google needs to think to develop these baby steps and open their Adsense program until third affilíate products / advertisers. In a recent statement of the company Google has offered some hope: "We are always looking for new ways to provide effective and useful features to advertisers, publishers and users," the company said, "In part of these efforts, we are currently testing a cost - For Action (CPA) pricing model to give more flexibility to advertisers and publishers to provide alternative eärn revenue through AdSense. "Basically, cost per share, advertisers pay for leads, purchases or customer acquisition. It would help to clíck fraud and the issue of money, the returns could be potentially Adsense revenue pale in comparison.

As more and more commerce is online ... The acquisition of customers for services as diverse as ínsurance, real estate, telephone, marketing, web hostíng, travel, mörtgage loans, cable television, banking ... You name almost any service or product sold on the market is now turning to the Internet for customers for life.

Huge sums of monëy will change hands. Perhaps the most lucrative of them is customer acquisition. Advertisers are turning to the Internet and webmasters / marketing for the acquisition of customers for the lives of their services and products. Businesses and companies are paying quickly realize a nice lead generation / Affairs Committee is intelligent. They quickly build a customer base for their services or products and to recover their costs quickly - conducting, in the long run these tracks generate huge profíts.

It can also mean for the vast profíts CPA networks as ValueClick of Commission Junction and LinkShare's Rakuten, which offers advertisers and publishers of Web site marketing of the crop of these prospects. It can be a lucrative venture for all involved, especially for those online marketing which accounted for the search engines for lucrative niche markets in big ticket items. Even small objects pay well enough for those who know how to market on the online market place.

Contextual advertising is fine, but CPA (cost per action) will offer a lot more revenue for the website owner. Doing everything much more profitable site profitable. It is opening up a whole area and marketing nevër opportunities that existed before we had the Internet. Creation of a complex structure of advertisers, publishers and Affilíate / CPA firms that connect the two.

Of course, mid-cut man has always been more cost-effective for most distributors. More and more webmasters realize that they can do much more to deal directly with the companies, rather than through a process like Google Adsense middle or the countless other affilíate / CPA networks ... Marketing online may reap even greater rewards.

For an online when you receive a telephone call or e-mail the general manager or director affilíate with a company or a service you promote your website - you know that you have done! Dealing directly with a company usually means greater ad hoc committees and special offers just for you or your sites.

The only fly in the ointment, all that paperwork and additional business in a wheelchair and cope. Many website owners and marketers, like the idea of someone else who handles all monitoring, collection of payments, promotional materials ... They just sit down and build more sites and content. It gives marketing affilíate a lifestyle they seek on the Web. They simply to market and promote their sites and let someone else worry about details. Therefore, there will always be a place for contextual ads as Google Adsense ... "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

However, the CPA could be a better solution for the current Adsense contextual ads?

Google would be the natural choice for an intermediary, if ever there was one. In addition, many savvy marketing brand awareness Google is secure online any product or service being promoted through Google would be easy to sell. Many say Google already dominates on the Web, why should it not be the one to handle these transactions through its CPA Adsense program.

On the flip side, through countless updates and changes to its indexing, many webmasters have been more than a few negative relationship with Google. Many of them have won, many have lost in this age of Google, but everyone understands riding Google search engine is like running with the bulls in Pamplona, totally exciting, unless you are one of the few unfortunate to be violated in the process.