Friday, June 29, 2007

Score! Educational Center!

As a parent I was always frustrated about how badly my son was in his school subject (he was in the 6th grade), particularly mathematic subject. And all the learning tutors I see in the newspaper did not even help to improve my son's grade much. I notice that this is caused because almost all the tutorial program always builds their program based on their past experiences. With all due respect to their experiences, I find that children need to be handled individually in order for them to learn better.

I stumbled upon Score! Educational Centre while I was browsing for child tutoring services. I was amazed since they personally took the time to analyze my son's problem and design a customized plan for him. Best of all, the learning process was fun and my son even asked me when he was going to attend another learning class. These are some of the most talented Math Tutors I've ever come across. I am glad that my son has improved his mathematic grade and enjoying school more than usual. Thanks to Score! Educational Centre!

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