Friday, January 19, 2007

Making Use Of Offline Bizs' Resources

As I've been surfing the net lately, I came through sites like Capitalpgf, Small business loans and Business-Advance. If you want to start your own (mainly offline) business, and have low capital or no capital at all, you might want to take a look at them. These sites have extensive lists of funding resources, and may very well help you jump starting your biz in no time.

Capitalpgf, for example, has a site with interesting intro presentation and navigation. They state in their site: "Premier General Finance was created in 2004 to assist business owners, investors, and startup entrepreneurs in developing the most effective and productive solutions for obtaining lines of credit and funding." That should be encouraging, but one can't tell until he/she tries first. They also say: "We get you cash! Through our network, we can assist you in obtaining as much $500,000 in capital for your company, in as little as 7 days.".... Must have heard that a lot, and yes it's achievable if the company has certain conditions present. One of the main fundamentals of such services, I think, (other than having a group of experts that specializes in dealing with the major consumer credit bureaus and business bureaus) is the necessity of them having solid relationships with major financial Institutions, which they already claim to have. You can visit the site here and take a look for yourself.

I personally think that it's a mistake to treat online and offline bizs differently. These days, more and more transactions that once used to take place exclusively offline, are being moved online. Can we, the online business involvers, take advantage of services like Capitalpgf? Definitely! But I see only few people doing so, which I think should change.

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