Saturday, December 16, 2006

Success In 10 Steps! (By Michael Dlouhy)

This Post has been moved to the new blog here: Success In 10 Steps! (By Michael Dlouhy)

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LFC fan! said...


First of all thanks for signing up under my referral in mylot.

I just downloaded the pdf file and will read it later:-)

Warren Contreras said...

Sorry your myLot post is not pulling more response. It may be a little wordy to start with, but hey it got me here. If you like 10 Steps you should also read this one:

.... said...

Hi lfc fan!

you are welcome ;)

Hi Warren,

If you were talking about the general marketing overview I posted, I just wanted to put my blog out there and to test the waters a bit...didn't expect to make cash out of it, as it isn't controversial ;)

Last coupla days I had pc probs, so I couldn't get online much...I just downloaded your ebook and will soon tell you my opinion.

Welcome to my blog and have a nice day ;)